Erica & Nour

From the first time I saw your work I knew you would be my wedding photographers! Both of you work as a team and live in the moment to capture memories that will last a lifetime. You are amazing at what you do...true artists! You are not only great photographers you are also
amazing people full of life and ambition.


Dina & Manny

Lisa and Eddy are the most down to earth, loving, passionate photographers I've ever met
After meeting with them, having our casual shoot, and having them part of our wedding day we fell in love with the couple behind the work. Lisa + Eddy you both are extremely talented and amazing! They are patient, and put so much love into your special day. Our day wouldn't have been the same without them! We absolutely love you guys and can't thank you enough!


Jennifer &

The last time I was left speechless was when Jason proposed to me. I don't think there are any words that can describe the gratitude I feel towards the two of you and the extraordinary work you did in documenting our winter wonderland wedding. It truly is a wonder where the two of you get your talent. You two really went above and beyond to document our love story.



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